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"What I show is private, but it also goes beyond. I am busy with what we all know. A desire for freedom. An urge to conquer fear. Every man is different but on a more profound level we are the same. Alcool is not about me personally, I am only a medium. I always have the feeling that something or someone lives in my body who has more knowledge than I. Who knows me better than I do. Who is stronger. In fact it is that other who has to dance. The struggle or the game is to have my body be taken by the other. But for that to happen I first have to find where the movement originates. Where it is located in my body. Then I have to find the direction. And when I have found that, there is the choice whether to let yourself be taken or whether you keep exerting control. In Alcool I show the play between the two possibilities. In that respect every performance is different.... 

When I see myself and the world around me, it always brings me back to the idea of fear. How do you live with fear ? It is a terrible disease, that makes you unfree... What is freedom ? In our culture, freedom has less profound meaning than in some other cultures. Yet it means a lot to me. Since I work on this piece I have finally experienced what freedom is…" (Désirée Delauney)

Désirée Delauney continues to work with visual artist and theatre-maker, Boris Gerrets. Together they founded the Stichting Bilski Algemeen as a productional framework for their work. They also worked on various pieces for Cloud Chamber, a multi-media and international company, up until 1990.

Belluard Bollwerk
  • Sat 2.7. 20:00 - 22:00

Supported by the Theater lnstituut Nederland, International Department.