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How much money is granted to each of the productions?

The selected projects will receive a production grant of between CHF 2,000 and CHF 12,000. The jury will decide on the exact amount based on the size of the project and the submitted budget. Funding permitting, Belluard Festival will additionally cover the costs of travel, transport and accommodation as well as technical expenses.

Can I submit an existing project?

No. The opening has to be at the 2016 Belluard Festival.

Can I search for additional funding ?

Yes. As soon as the projects have been selected, Belluard Festival shall endeavour, to the best of its ability, to obtain additional funding. However, this should not prevent the invited artist,from seeking out other sources of financial support.

When do I know if my project has been selected?

All participants will be informed of the jury’s decision in February 2016.

Does the jury explain its decision?

No. The selected projects will be made public at the Festival’s press conference in May. No comment will be issued on the project proposals that were rejected.

Is the Belluard fortress the only venue?

No. The Arsen’alt studios, public areas or other spaces, depending on the specific requirements of the production, may be used too.

Does the project have to deal with all of the points set out in the theme description?

No. It is entirely sufficient to deal with one of the aspects referred to in the theme description, or even an aspect that we may have completely overlooked.

Is there a minimum/maximum running time?

No. Very short productions that could perhaps be repeated are as welcome as durational, rather installative forms or even classic performative formats.

I can’t save my text in the application form even though I have saved it on my desktop and have used Acrobat Reader to fill it in! What can I do?

Don’t worry. Send us a Word document containing all the information asked for in the form.