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Memoria del Olvido

"Memory" is a multi-disciplinary play that aims to inquire into a recent past, namely the period of 1941- 44, beginning of World War Il, German occupation and, more specifcally, Greece during the German occupation. It also explores the universal experience of man's memory in relation to finding himself within extreme situations such as war and loss of freedom. 

In the centre of Athens is a building that belongs to a Greek Insurance Company "Ethniki Asfalistiki". This building was constructed in 1938 and as well as offices they built into its basements air-raid shelters to protect the people in case of war. 

During the German occupation of Greece, this building was converted into the Gestapo headquarters and the basements into prison cells that held prisoners, men, women and children, from Greece, England, Italy, Russia, and even some Germans who were considered traitors. They were interrogated and tortured before either being sent to concentration camps or executed, others were set free. 

The walls, metal doors and windows of these prison cells are now a silent witness of lives who struggled and experienced these trying times, their memories materialized as graffiti. Poetic, symbolic and creative, these drawings, words and phrases remind us of current conflicts in the world today and yet we still feel strangely detached. 

The choreography attempts to discover the essence of this prison and presents the memory and experience of ex-prisoners who have been contacted and interviewed during the Company's research and development of the material. 

In years to come will artists be making similar theatre about the situation in former Yugoslavia ? Are we ever going to learn from our history?

Belluard Bollwerk
  • Tue 12.7. 22:30 - 23:30

Chorégraphie et direction: Denise Perdikidis - Danseurs: Carmen Werner, Debra Greenfield, Gerson - Alexandre, Raquel Marraco, Elisa Morris, Teresa Nieto - Scénographie: Nikos Alexiou - Musique/son: Mariano Diaz - Costumes: Roas Garcia - Lumières: Miguel Angel Camacho - Vidéo: Jean de Boysson - Co-Production: ICE 9 Productions (Marco Meere/Maria Ibarra), Zirodanca et CNNTE

With the support of the City of Madrid, Ethniki Asfalistiki and Olympic Airways.