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Performance South West (England) work on a collaborative and individuel basis through a range of media and practices. They locate the work in a social, cultural and political context, bringing together theory and practice.

SALLY MORGAN - "A Life ln Diagrams"
An installation performance, the third in a series of works exploring the history of a man's life. The performance is an excavation, using archeological techniques the performers 'record' their findings. The artifacts are revealed and a history reconstructed.

GILLIAN DYSON - "The Raven # 2"
A performance installation. Dyson develops her investigation into a notion of 'landscape' through sculpture and action. By creating an alternative 'frame' Dyson presents the viewer with the opportunity to relocate themselves within alternative, equivalent political geographies of supposition, imagination and memory.

A performance thal is part of a series of works exploring formative moments, moments beyond which nothing can ever be the same again.Violation often leaves no visible scar, so as the performer searches for a scar she destroys the flesh in an attempt to clean it.

TIM BRENNAN - "Fortress Europe No. 76"
A performance in which Brennan will produce stalements in action thal describe the condition of a Grealer Europe in the nineties. It develops a 'museum' of works started in 1990. Bren nan has been concerned with issues of race, class, cultural identity and social isolation.

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