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Jetse Batelan


Toe vader, drink

At a table, two workers have just received their paychecks. The barman offers them a beer, both refuse to drink it. Rapidly, though, their determination fades. They order beer after beer and their paychecks disappear. After Real women jog in raincoats, here is Come on Dad, drink up. Tension, release, tension, release : Jetse Batelaan’s latest creation is a sequence of living paintings. Touching and burlesque, it exaggerates the sphere of internal conflicts.

Extra Muros*
  • Fri 8.7. 19:30 - 21:00

Mise en scène : Jetse Batelaan - avec : Arjan Bouwmeester, Tjebbe Roelofs, Bram Coopmans et Mijke Werkema - décor : Hester Jolink - costumes : Linda Eijssen - conseiller : Gerardjan Rijnders - production : Théâtre Gasthuis, Amsterdam

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