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+41, Fernando Elvira, Grotesk, Huskmitnavn, Lowrider Teeshirt & Razauno

(Lausanne, Bilbao, New York, Copenhagen & Fribourg)

T-shirt Monthly

December 2006, Lowrider Teeshirt and the Belluard launch T-shirt Monthly. A magazine where each issue is a t-shirt , landing in your mailbox or on your doormat. The designs are exclusive, conceived for the magazine by well-known teeshirt artists somewhere between Fribourg and New York. Five issues have been delivered to this day. January: +41 (Lausanne), February: Grotesk (New York), March: HuskMitNavn (Copenhagen), April: Fernando Elvira (Bilbao), May: Razauno (New York). What will come next? More info: www.teeshirtmonthly.com

International teeshirt magazine
  • Mon 1.1. 00:00 - Mon 31.12. 00:00
  • 45.- CHF
  • Teeshirt Monthly est une production BBI réalisée grâce à un encouragement du Canton de Fribourg à la culture.

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