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Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijevic

(I & HR & F)


In its concrete and captivating, playful and poetic thinking, Forecasting imagines those things lost in the future, neutralized by technological process and the elimination of history. A computer and YouTube videos are at the heart of the performance and become fantastical prolongations of the performers’ body. Using methods of forecasting developed in science, philosophy and sociology, Matijevic and Chico wish to liberate our image of the future. This funny and intriguing performance provokes you to think about the transformations imposed by the internet and the digital era on our physical habits and mental processes.

Swiss Premiere
en français
Le Bilboquet
  • Sat 28.6. 20:00
  • 20.– / 15.– CHF (Limited tickets)



By: Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijevic, with: Barbara Matijevic; dramaturge's assistant: Sasa Bozic; production: 1er Stratagème & De facto; coproduction: Kaaitheater, UOVO; with the support of: La Ménagerie de Verre, Festival d’Automne, DRAC, Association Beaumarchais-SCAD, French Institute of Zagreb, The Croation Ministry of Culture, the city of Zagreb, Pact Zollverein

  • Presentation at Belluard Festival with the support of: French Embassy in Bern.

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