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Rabih Mroué


Riding on a Cloud

The title of this idiosyncratic and moving ‹family› performance, Riding on a Cloud is borrowed from a poetry collection by Yassar Mroué, Rabih’s brother. Yassar was shot in the head by a sniper during the civil war in Lebanon, but survived. The two brothers share the billing in this performance in which Yassar comments on the events that redefined his existence and his dreams by reciting his poems, while Rabih demystifies a series of constructed narratives relating to the events of the war in order to question established perceptions and collective self-dellusions.

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Swiss Premiere
Arabic, with English and French Surtitles
Belluard Bollwerk
  • Fri 27.6. 22:00
  • 20.– / 15.– CHF



Direction & writing: Rabih Mroué; assistant mise en scène: Sarmad Louis; with: Yassar Mroué & Rabih Mroué; assistant: Petra Serhal; traduction: Pascale Fougère.

  • Supported by: FondsPodiumkunsten, Prins Claus Fonds, Hivos & Stichting DOEN (The Netherlands).

    Thanks to: Frie Leysen, Lina Senah, Mroué’s family (Souad, Ahmad, Ammar, Ziad, Maha, Mazen, Nabil & Fatima Bazzi), Ahlam Awada, Samar Maakaroun, Janine Broud,Karma& Nadi Louis, Hito Steyerl, Manal Khader,Eric Baudelaire, Paul Khodr, Lamia Jreige, Joanna Hadjithomas & Khalil Jreige, FaribaDerakhshani, Mohamad Hojeiry, Mathias Lilenthal, Ali Zuraik, Louis family, Hagop Derghougassian, Zaid Mroué, Christine Tohmé & Ashkal Alwan.

    With the support of: Fonds culturel Sud.

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