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Holly Herndon & Larytta

(San Francisco & Lausanne)

Two electro concerts, two diametrically opposed styles

Holly Herndon transgresses the experimental; Larytta extracts the experimental from experimentation. One after the other, these two strikingly different artists will kick off the weekend at Belluard, with a delicate performance in shades of orange, blue, white and black on the one hand, and a concert packed full of garish visuals and sounds on the other. But despite inhabiting different musical universes, they both have something in common - a style that knows no bounds. There is the musical school graduate and electronic music composer who counts a certain Fred Frith as one of her lecturers. Then, there are the future artists teaching existing artists. She is a Pitchfork darling who lived in Berlin before making San Francisco her base. They are globetrotters from Lausanne and exponents of engaged pop, but each with their own distinct personality. Both sets of artists have forged a strong visual and musical identity, and do not shy away from tackling challenging issues, while coming up with box-fresh, brainstorming ideas. Technoid gadgets lifted directly from visual programming language. AfroBigIndieCrazyBeats bedded side by side, but always with a finger firmly on the pulse of time.

Belluard Bollwerk
  • Fri 3.7. 22:00 - 00:15
  • 15 CHF


©Stan Musilek / ©Larytta