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Jetse Batelan


Echte vrouwen joggen in regenpak

se Batelaan, Dutch theater’s rising star, presents two projects at the BBI : Real women jog in raincoats (2001) and Come on Dad, drink up (2005). At the beginning of Real women jog in raincoats, four people in a small garden glass house sing a Schubert lied. A women walks up and tries to get rid of the singers as if they were weeds. Jetse Batelaan’s work rarely features speech. His main interests lie in absurd imagery, strange actions and clown-like antics on top of which he lays heavy tensions and psychotic atmospheres.

Belluard Bollwerk
  • Tue 5.7. 21:45 - 23:30



Mise en scène : Jetse Batelaan - avec : Elien van den Hoek (co-créatrice), Matthias Mooij, Klemens Patijn, Marijn Klaver et Daan van Rijssel.

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