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Vingt mille lieues sous les mers & Boîte noire

On July 2nd 2006, Frédéric Michaud, Didier Philipona and Olivier Zappell will turn the former DC-9 into a submarine. Inspired by silent movies, they will install their aquatic laboratory in order to draw short stories from the novel by Jules Verne. The drawings are filmed and projected onto a screen. Next to excerpts from the text and image integrations, their sketches of octopus battles and drawings of marine life come to life. Improvised keyboard music from Mathieu Kyriakidis steers the ship. Floating above the mysterious island, the Belluard Fortress appears on the horizon, with its audience and its guests.

Dessin performance
Belluard Bollwerk
  • Sun 2.7. 20:00 - Sat 8.7. 20:00



Boîte noire: avec la participation de Sébastien Gabriel, Quentin Chevigny & Gabrielle Zappelli. Vingt mille lieues sous les mers & Boîte noire sont des productions du BBI réalisées grâce à un encouragement du Canton de Fribourg à la culture.

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