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Hwang Kim


Pizzas for the people

Kim Jong-il, who rejected any foreign influences through a tight control of media and communication equipment, was a pizza lover and made an exception of his own rules with the opening of the first ever North Korean pizzeria. South Korean artist and designer Hwang Kim used this bizarre fact as the basis for this performance project. Using Chinese smuggling routes, he brought DVDs to the homes of the North Korean people with instructions on how to bake them. In his playful semi-documentary work Hwang Kim combines thoughtful mechanisms of televised adds, mockumentary, theater and even a patch squeeze box music to explores how design and products can contribute and impact on a social and cultural level, subtly challenging an ideological status quo.

Swiss Premiere
Korean avec sous-titres en français
Ancienne Gare - Nouveau Monde
  • Tue 1.7. 20:00
  • Thu 3.7. 20:00
  • 20.– / 15.– CHF



Concept & direction: Hwang Kim; with: Sang Yuep Yuk, Hee Jung Park, N.N.; production: Festival Bo:m.

  • Presentation at Belluard Festival with the support of: Art Council Korea – PAMS.